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What is a Backend Developer?

What are His Missions?

The backend developer schedules a small part of a web solution. This is unlike the front-end developers who only see the visible portion.

You can also find general information about the profession of backend Web development.

The backend developer’s missions:

The role of the backend developer will vary depending on the context. You can have a simple role as a coder or performer, but he also has the ability to make technical decisions.

He can then think about the architecture that he will use, or improve, in the latter scenario, even if there is no Architect on the technical team. Depending on his budget, his time constraints, and the expectations of his employer, he’ll set up the appropriate environment by selecting the right technologies (DBMSs, Frameworks, Versioning, etc.).

Backend development may also include the configuration and maintenance of many essential components for a web project.

  • The website hosting server must be available 24 hours per day. It is usually managed by a system administrator (devOps) or sysadmin.
  • The database where. All information such as login, password and basket will be stored.
  • The application is the entire website and the logic that allows different pages, the server and the database to interact.
  • In some cases, the back office is an internal interface that other collaborators use to integrate content, such as text.

Who are the primary contacts for Back developers?

Not only does the backend developer collaborate with others in the same position, but also with one or more frontend (or full-stack), developers. These are the people who do most of the development.

Other professionals may also be involved in the backend development process:

  • Technical architect
  • CTO is chief technical officer
  • Lead developer
  • Engineering Manager
  • Technical project chef
  • The system administrator, or DevOps
  • DBA

What skills and attributes are required to become a backend developer?

A backend developer’s success is dependent on their ability to use rigor, pragmatism and teamwork.

To keep up-to-date with technological developments, you need to be able to communicate well in English and have passion.

Technologists will note that backend development requires minimal technical skills, in addition to mastering project management tools like GitLab or GitHub.

  • SQL allows you to search, add, modify, or delete items from a database.
  • C #, Java and Python, PHP, Ruby, JS, Node.js are the main speeches at the back end.

Each backend language has its own advantages and particularities. It is beneficial to learn as many as possible. However, it is essential to have a good working knowledge of at least one of these languages. Backend developers almost always have a preferred language that he uses exclusively.

It is also important to be familiar with the frameworks for each language to make your code easier to understand, write faster, adaptable and more maintainable in a team. These are:

  • Pour PHP : Symfony, Laravel, CakePHP
  • Pour Java: Spring Hibernate Maven, Struts
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Pour Python : Django, Pyramid, Flask
  • JavaScript: Node.js

What training or studies are required to become a Back developer

For most digital jobs.

Basic training in computer science can be provided by a BTS or DUT. You can further your knowledge by obtaining a license, then a master’s in web development. This will enable you to access more challenging and rewarding positions.

EPITECH, HETIC and ESGI offer bachelors degrees in web development. They also have recognized Bac +5 programs.

Many young developers also learn their craft through websites like OpenClassrooms and Free Code Camp. Some computer training courses specializing in development are notably labeled GEN (Grande ecole du numerique). Other structures, such as Le Wagon or The Hacking Project, are also good options for quickly learning the basics.

Recruiters are most interested in the most qualified candidates. However, the most important thing is experience and skills.

What are the career opportunities and professional advancements for a Backend developer

By learning JavaScript (+ HTML) and CSS, a backend developer can easily move to full-stack developer. The backend dev will then be able to work independently on all aspects of development, from front-end to back (this is commonly called “full stack”).

If he has the managerial skills, the backend developer can develop a lead developer; if not, he will have to supervise developers.

If he doesn’t want to be a “Men”, he can move to Lead Tech (technical responsibilities only).

For those who want to move back from development, a position as technical project manager is also available.

A backend developer with good development skills, excellent technology knowledge, and many years of experience can be promoted to CTO (Chief Technology Official).