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The Best-Selling Video Game Franchises

Gaming is huge. It generated just over $180 billion in revenue last year. There’s something for everyone, from competitive multiplayer experiences like League of Legends or World of Warcraft to story-driven titles such as The Witcher or the Yakuza franchise.

There are however a few games that are so huge, no other title can match them. Below is a list of them all.

Let’s just get to the bottom of this!


Mario is perhaps the most well-known video game character. He is also the protagonist of the biggest-grossing video games franchise. The Super Mario games have sold more than 500 million copies since their debut in the 1980s. There are many Mario games that you can play today, each one being incredibly entertaining in its own way.

Call of Duty

You’ve likely played at least one COD installment if you are a fan of first-person shooters. It is a hugely popular game that doesn’t seem like it will be slowing down. It was the first installment, which launched in 2003 and has been breaking records every since.

Grand Theft Auto

GTA games are an open-world action game that is very popular. There are many reasons for this. You will have hours of fun with the in-game content and features.

The latest installment has already grossed more than 150 million dollars in sales, making it one of the most successful.


The Sims is one of the most loved life-simulator games. It has an amazing community, fascinating extensions, and thousands upon thousands of in-game features that you will love. The original game was released in 2000. Since then, the entire franchise has sold more than 200 million copies.


World of Warcraft may not be the only Warcraft game, but it is the most played. It is known for its complex grinding system that is so difficult that many people will even buy WoW boosters to help their characters advance.


It’s there, and there are approximately 500 million reasons why it is. It’s almost as old as gaming, and is still one of the most loved games. It’s a game that everyone has played at least once when they were children, and many people continue to play it on their smartphones today.


It’s not hard to see how the pokemon franchise has benefited from its high revenue and merchandise sales. They are still worthy of being on this list, however. The games have been purchased over 50 million times.

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is home to 15 games, and all have sold well. The franchise has sold over 160 million copies around the world. If you like anime-like visuals and science fiction, it’s definitely worth a try.