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What are the most common causes of a pedestrian vehicle accident?

According to research that have been conducted, pedestrians are at risk of being struck by vehicles when crossing the streets. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration between 6 and 7 000 pedestrians were killed in traffic-related accidents and non-traffic incidents in the year 2020. Many pedestrians suffered serious injuries during accidents.

Accidents can be a painful event. The victim is afflicted with extreme shock as well as mental and emotional distress as well as lost wages and financial losses due to the trauma. Additionally, he has to pay many dollars on medical expenses. Everyday, students walk to school buses, parks, bus stops or shopping malls. We walk across roads to reach our destination. Accidents can occur as a result the negligence of drivers.

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Here are some of the most common reasons for pedestrian accidents.

Car accidents can cause serious injuries. A pedestrian can suffer serious injuries if a vehicle driver strikes her with force. Internal bleeding, head injuries and fractures in multiple places can be feasible.

Let me list the most frequent reasons for pedestrian accidents. These accidents could save lives and assist in preventing others from being injured.

Distracted Driving Distraction driving is the leading cause of pedestrian-related accidents. The life of a pedestrian could be put at risk by a minor distractedness of the driver. Distraction happens due to

  1. Phone ringing
  2. A disagreement with another passenger in the vehicle
  3. You notice something strange either on your left or right side.
  4. Changing music
  5. Drinking or eating food.


Accidents can happen when driving at speed. It can be difficult to brake in an emergency situation when driving at a high speed.

Driving while impaired

The chance of an accident are higher when the driver is drunk. A drunk driver could hit the pedestrian as they lose control of their vehicle. He’s unable to control his thoughts and is prone to reacting to stressful situations.

Weather conditions are not ideal.

Weather conditions that are bad could cause accidents. Although pedestrians should remain in the house during bad weather, it is possible to be involved in an accident out. Drivers can be blinded by weather conditions such as rain, snow or stormy winds. This could cause him to be unable to discern the pedestrian.

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Lack of visibility or wearing dark shades at the night

Roads with poor visibility can result from a variety of reasons, such as a inadequate lighting system or dim street lights. Although there could be some light issues at night, it’s possible that drivers do not notice pedestrians walking across the road and then strike them.

Road Construction

There are many alternative routes to take as they cross roads. Drivers do not think about pedestrians walking across the road. This can lead to an accident.

Don’t disregard signals for traffic

Drivers who do not obey the traffic signal and continue to run through the red light will be penalized. This could lead to more serious and sudden accidents.

Incorrectly crossing The Road

Sometimes pedestrians make a mistake crossing the street. They don’t pay attention to the road, or wait for vehicles to go by. Sometimes, they cross the road in a dangerous way, which could lead to accidents.

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Claiming For Compensation If You Were Injured As A Pedestrian

You may be eligible for compensation if you’re a pedestrian who is injured in a car crash that was caused by negligence. You could be able to claim

  • Medical bills
  • Lost Wages,
  • Financial Loss

You may also be able to assert mental and emotional suffering.

However, you can claim the loss you caused to your loved family members if they died due to the negligence of an at-fault driver.

Bottom Line

Although pedestrian accidents may result from a variety of factors however, negligence of drivers is usually the primary reason. The victim suffers serious injuries, both emotionally and mentally. The result is that the victim suffers emotionally, physically, and financially. California Personal Injury Attorney will help victims obtain the compensation they deserve for their losses. The lawyer will examine the case and collect all evidence needed to support your claim. He will also file a claim with the insurer of the driver at fault to reach an equitable settlement. He will also manage all paperwork for you and also represent you in the court. He will defend your cause until you win it.